Music to Inspire, Uplift and Ignite your Path to Well-Being.

Self Help, Meditation and Healing Just Got Easier with "SONG OF THE SAGE"

Universal Laws to guide our lives
delivered through the musical landscapes of


Spoken word from "The Laws of Spirit"
written and read by

Dan Millman
ng author of
Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Dan Millman

Join Dan Millman and Asoma on a Musical Odyssey

as the author delivers timeless reminders of the laws on which the Universe is founded. Laws to enhance our lives and reveal the way to live with a peaceful heart and warrior spirit.

You’ve never heard Dan Millman like this before.

Let the music take you into a state of serene reverie, wherein the sage’s wisdom can clear your mind, awaken your heart, and bring these teachings into your daily life.

Listen to the "Law of Balance"
"Song of the Sage"

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Click on the PlayButton to listen to "Balance".

12 tracks that takes the listener into the heart of each Universal Law

The 12 Laws are as follows:

Law of Balance
Law of Choices
Law of Presence
Law of Process
Law of Compassion
Law of Faith
Law of Expectation
Law of Integrity
Law of Action
Law of Cycles
Law of Surrender
Law of Unity

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What People Are Saying 

"Dan Millman's powerful words and the Music of Asoma bring the listener to a place of calm within minutes. This is a great tool to use at sunrise and sunset."

I love it!!! 

Lisa Haisha
Author/Speaker/Retreat and Workshop Leader


Insightful, magical, spiritual, inspiring, wise, and uplifting.

These are just a few of the words that do not begin to do justice to the wonderful collaboration between Asoma and Dan Millman. You will find yourself swept away to an entirely original experience that will take you to a higher plane of relaxation and consciousness as you absorb the principles that will transform your life.

Dr. Joe Rubino
Founder and CEO,


"Song of the Sage" is an awesome tool for the spiritual traveler. What a great way to tune to Spirit.

Dr. Rebbie Straubing,
Founder of YOFA(R)
(The Yoga of Alignment)


"The sounds are seductive,
and the guidance along the way is alluringly captivating...A fresh approach in nurturing the mind, heart, and soul. A new treasure for the spirit, an amazing journey!"

Lilian Eden- Medium/Psychic, Spiritual Teacher, Author


"Asoma's captivating and inspiring music relaxes me
into a deeper level of learning. 
Dan Millman's words are able to easily activate a part of my soul that yearns for peace and oneness."

Rhonda & Bobby Baines,
Creators of the Vision Guider by


We love the music and the concept. 
Best wishes with your project.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
President, Successful Marriage Reflections LLC

This work of art is outstanding and I am ecstatic
 at the ripples of energy
that will bless us all with each listening experience! Dan and Asoma,
Thank you for this beautiful gift!

Marcy Neumann,President and CEO, Heartlites Incorporated


Asoma has delicately spun a web of compelling, alluring sounds, and with great care, woven the voice of Dan Millman within. The result is a journey for the soul, to be taken again and again, allowing the listener to enjoy a deeper and deeper experience each and every time, and really allow the Laws of Spirit to integrate themselves within our day to day lives.
one-stop destination for audio and video learning

Dan Millman’s inspirational words and the music of Asoma is a rare experience you will want to embark on and return to as you journey through connecting with and being your Sacred Self.” 

Debbie Fletcher 
Founder Professional Psychic Soulutions


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